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Transition: from Vienna to New York

Following the Nazi annexation of Austria, Kauder left Vienna for Holland in December 1938, thanks to a contract with Dutch publisher NV Mees Uitgeverij to publish his settings of poems by Albert Verwey.

Shortly before leaving Vienna, he made a 14-page keepsake pamphlet for his friends and students titled Alte und neue Chormusik aus dem Repertoire des Hugo Kauder-Chors 1928-1938 (Old and New Choral Music from the Repertoire of the Hugo Kauder Chorus), which included music by himself and others.

During Kauder's short stay in Holland (1938-39), he formed lasting friendships with the musicologist Edward Lowinsky, who also came to the United States, and the pianist Ellen Josephy (d.1974), who survived the Nazi occupation of Holland in hiding. Then, after a stop in England, Kauder settled in New York in 1940. Though he began spending summers back in Europe in 1955, New York was his home for the rest of his life.

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