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2005 Competition: French Horn

In its second annual International Music Competition, the Hugo Kauder Society turned its focus to French Horn. Selected finalists came to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut to compete and perform live from June 16-18, 2005.


Thomas Jostlein
Winner of the Valkenier Prize for Horn
$4000 and sponsored performances in New Haven and New York

After two years of Assistant Principal Horn at the New York Philharmonic, in 2009, Jostlein was appointed Assistant Professor of Horn at the School of Music of University of Illinois at Urbane-Champaign.  Click here for bio.

Cathy Kilroe-Smith

David Peel


Joseph Anderer, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Pamela Frank, Peabody Conservatory
Aldo Parisot, Yale University

About the Valkenier Prize

Willem Valkenier was close friends with Hugo Kauder in Vienna before coming to America and becoming principal horn in the Boston Symphony. Kauder composed a number of works for French Horn for Valkenier, including sonatas, trios, and a concerto for string quartet, horn and orchestra. Valkenier's students at New England Conservatory and Tanglewood all learned the Kauder repertory. The Valkenier Prize honors this friendship and the music of Hugo Kauder while supporting emerging horn players.


The competition was presented in association with
The Yale School of Music
The International Festival of Arts and Ideas