Finalist: JiYoun Hur

JiYoun Hur

I started playing flute when I was 9 years old and decided to become a flutist .When I was 11 years old, I won the 2nd prize at Seoul flute competition and made a debut with Young artist concert. With these experiences, I entered Sun-wha Arts middle school. And when I became 14 years old, I played with Seoul Art orchestra. After graduation, I entered Sun-wha Arts High school. During High school , I also attended many flute competitions and won many competitions, such as Korean Flute association competition, Seoul flute competition , University of Seoul woodwind competition. So when I graduate high school, I received a prize and scholarship which is given to the talented students. After I graduated high school, I entered Seoul National University which is the top university in Korea . After I entered University, I participated in many competitions and played a lot of orchestral works and solo performances. When I was freshman in university, I won the 1st prize at woo-Hyun music competition in 2002 . I also won 3rd prize at Dong-A News paper competition in 2003, which is the biggest competition in Korea. In 2004, I also won 1st prize at Sung-Jung Music competition, and performed the Ibert concerto with Sung-Jung philharmonic orchestra as soloist. In 2004 , I had a Young Artist concert recital sponsored by Kum-Ho Culture company. During undergraduate time, I played principal flute at Seoul university orchestra and Wind ensemble. And I also played principal flute at Baroque chamber orchestra as guest principal . In 2005, Our School orchestra had concerts in Germany and Carnegie hall in New York with Manheim School of music. I played principal flute for these 6 concerts. After I earned my B.M. Degree , I came to the United states. In 2007, I was accepted to Indiana university as an Artist Diploma and started to study with Kathryn Lukas. Since I entered Indiana University, I have been playing principal flute at Concert orchestra and won several competitions. Also I played in IU festival orchestra in summer and performed under Maestro Roberto Abbado. In 2007, I was a finalist of Chicago flute club competition. And in 2008, I was also finalist of Couer'd Alene young artist competition and of Katherine Macphail competition. In 2008, I won 1st prize at Mid-South flute festival young artist competition. And I also won 2nd prize at Frank Bowen flute competition. Furthermore, I won Travel grant competition in Indiana university in 2008. In 2008, I played Rouse concerto with Korean symphony orchestra as a Premiere in Korea.