Recovering Voices: The Sounds of Refuge

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Recovering Voices: The Sounds of Refuge


At a time when many believed that Western tonality had run its course, Kauder developed a style that, rather than denying, expanded the concept of traditional tonality.

Seigmund Levarie, Musicologist

| Recovering Voices: The Sounds of Refuge

This project consists of two concerts centering on the experience of individuals who have come to New Haven as refugees and face the challenge of maintaining an identity after relocating. Taking place in New Haven, CT, on September 17th, 2017.

Through this project, the Society will create a musical bridge between two eras of refugees, those from Kauder’s time and those of today, by performing Hugo Kauder’s work with traditional instruments from the home countries and regions of New Haven’s refugee community.


Working with music group Sharq Attack, a group specializing in music from the macam tradition of music from the middle east., we intend to perform the following pieces, none of which have been premiered. All of these pieces are open for further interpretation and improvisation by the musicians.



Variationen on a Spanish Folksong - originally for violin, viola and cello

Two Pieces on Chinese Folktunes - originally violin, viola and cello

Seven American Fiddle Tunes - originally for two violins



We believe that by choosing these pieces, we have identified music that combines deep international roots with have a flexibility for orchestration and improvisational transformation. The concerts will also feature personal stories from members of New Haven’s refugee communities. By telling these stories and connecting to our new neighbors through music we hope to deepen our understanding of one another and build on this country’s legacy as a safe haven for those seeking refuge.


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Thanks to the support of the CT Office of the Arts we are proud to have this opportunity to work with New Haven’s refugee community to build a better future together.

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